(With Crusader of Centy being its NA title and Soliel being it’s European title aka i played or its JP title Shin Soseiki Ragnacenty)


WHERE TO GET AND PLAY: FantasyAnime has the Genesis emulator (and more!) while you can find both roms fo Crusader of Centy and Soliel on emuparadise (I prefer Soliel aka the EU version because thats the version I played first and also cause it doesnt censor some things like in the NA version.)

why u should play????

  • Short like Live A LIVE (as in you can beat in a day if that’s all you did and you knew what to do really)
  • Action-Adventure RPG, similiar to Link to the Past which was out at the time (if u call this a zelda rip i will personally come to your house and yell at you)
  • Lots of animals!!! for those who like animals
  • Even if you don’t they are important in the game and you will literally get nowhere without them
  • Story that questions many traditions in the RPG genre such as having boys fight as soon as they turn 14 and if all monsters are evil just because they were born monsters for those who like that stuff
  • tHE MUSIC (aka why i decided to make this post the ost is A++)
  • Sonic appears in it for absolutely no reason (besides trying to get you to by Sonic games of course)
  • dumb screens:image
  • SEGA didn’t make it but they published it and if it’s SEGA it can’t be bad right ill fight you
  • theres puzzles i guess (not many but)
  • did i mention that it has good music (reall)

why u shouldn’t play:

  • maybe if your too far gone with nintendo and keep finding yourself comparing to zelda
  • i mean i still need to play more of link to the past but
  • not every action adventure rpg is a zelda rip stop
  • and maybe if for some reason you dont like animals

The story in a nutshell is that you (the protag, nameable but default name is corona) are now 14 and is required by law to start learning how to fight. However, after completing your first training course and taking down your first big bad, a talk with a fortune teller changes your world completely, with you now only being able to understand animals.

While there’s really nothing ground breaking in this game i still like it, good music and fun to relax with and play on days when you want to play something but aren’t sure what i guess (though there’s a part where you have to go racing and that’s probably the only thing i dread in the game pls bribe the cheetah when you get to it) thank you for your time pls play

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